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Monday, February 25, 2013

Cupcake Attitude

Our very lovely Trish of "Lady Dragus Art"  created this lovely Cluster Frame and Tag using that Cluster Frame, as well as set of SnagTags and then another Tag with a Tutorial so you can make one too!  She created all of this using Wicked Princess PTU scrapkit "Cupcake Attitude".  Make sure you drop by Lady D's blog and pick up all the goodies!!

Cupcake attitude Preview of frames

Be My Bunnie-Shani


Please help me welcome our newest Creator the one and only Diane of "Deezy's Cupiecake Delightz"
 who is an amazing creator!  She created this lovely FB Timeline Cover, a gorgeous Tag and a really amazing Cluster Frame and she used Wicked Princess PTU scrapkit "Alice" with the matching tube by "Sawayaka". Enjoy!!




Saturday, February 23, 2013

Goddess Of Desires

Our very lovely and beloved Diana of "Greek Kisses" created the 2 sets of Snag Tags, 1 set entitled "Indulge" and 1 set entitled "I Simply Adore You", a Frame, and WallPaper!! Is she amazing or what??  She created these lovely items for everyone using Wicked Princess PTU Scrapkit "Goddess of Desires".  Make sure you stop by her blog and pick up those snag tags, the frame and that wallpaper!  You won't be sorry!  Enjoy!

DianaD Indulge Blackjack shani
DianaD ISimplyAdoreYou TypeWrong shani 
DianaD ISimplyAdoreYou Frame


Friday, February 15, 2013

Nurse Mae Jay, R.N.

The amazing and oh so loved and cared about Rissa of "Rissa's Designs" has created this amazing Tag, Cluster Frame and a beautiful Quick Page using Wicked Princess Scrap PTU kit "Nurse Mae Jay, R.N.".  Make sure you drop by Rissa's to pick up that Cluster Frame and Quick Page!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Under The Sea

Our most precious Mary of "Scrappy Luv" fame and glory, has created a beautiful Quick Page and 3 Tags using Wicked Princess PTU Scrapkit "Under The Sea".  Once again MissMary has done an epic job of creating things from another wonderful Wicked Princess Scrapkit!  Enjoy!!

This was posted on her blog regarding this tag:
Tag 3 is meant to convey a story...
Mer-child planned to have the ship discover a phony message in a bottle,
but got caught by Mom.  <giggles>  Silly kids!

Sweet Snow Friends

Our very lovely and oh so loved Miss Ruby of "Stormlight Designs" created this lovely Tag and matching Banner and a lovely Snag Tags Set using Wicked Princess PTU Scrapkit "Sweet Snow Friends".  A little birdie told me there might even be a Cluster Frame forthcoming!!  So cross your fingers!!  I have it!!! I have it in my hot little hand... well you know what I mean!
  Now don't forget to go by Ruby's blog to get that awesome Cluster Frame!!
What's that? I'm sorry what did you say?  OH!!  Where is it you ask? 
Look way down there!!  ↓ ↓ ↓


Shani PUT Snow Much Fun 

Sassy Snow Much Fun Banner 



Awesome huh?? I know!!!  Goooooooo Ruby!!! <BG>


Our very precious and oh so loved Sami of "Sami's Scribbles" fame and glory created these 3 beautiful Tags using Wicked Princess  PTU Scrapkit "Timeless".  Sami has also written a Tutorial for the last tag down there.  Make sure you stop by Sami's blog and work that tutorial.  Sami writes some of the best tuts out there. Of course, that's just my personal opinion, which as we all know, is deadly accurate! <giggles>

Vintage Beauty Shani 

 Timeless2 shani

 (This is the one with the TUTORIAL... just so ya know - G )


Our very own oh so awesome Rose, aka Cookiez, of "Cookiez Kreationz Corner Stop" created these lovely tags using the amazing Wicked Princess PTU Scrapkit "Seduction".  This is a kit you'll use over and over but only for those oh so sexy tags you know we love to make! ;)  

Rumor has it that there is going to be a tutorial for one of these tags as well.  
Remember to stop by "Cookiez Kreationz Corner Stop" blog and see which tag is the lucky tag!


wp-seduction nametag

shani bloggy siggy sized

The gorgeous animated tag now has a Tutorial written for it so you can make one too!!
wp-kiss me - shani

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Midnight Kiss

Our beloved MissMary of "Scrappy Luv" fame, created this beautiful Quick Page and Tags using Wicked Princess PTU Scrapkit "A Midnight Kiss" which you can find in any of Shani's stores.  May sure you drop by MissMary's Blog and pick up that Quick Page.  Enjoy!!

Celetrate Good Times

Our wonderful and oh so loved Kaci, of "Kaci's Kits and Kadoodles" created this lovely Tag with a Tutorial for you to go by as well as a lovely Cluster Frame and another Tag using that very Cluster Frame.  She made all of these using Wicked Princess PTU Scrapkit "Celebrate Good Tines" which you can find in any of Shani's stores!!  Enjoy!  And make sure you stop by Kaci's blog to pick up that Cluster Frame and that tutorial!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Celebrate Good Times

Our oh so loved and oh so creative Trish, aka Lady Dragus, of "Lady Dragus Art" fame and glory, has created this lovely Banner and a Tutorial as well as two Cluster Frames and a couple of fabulous Tags using Wicked Princess PTU Scrapkit "Celebrate Good Times".  And I must say, she truly knows how to work a scrapkit!! :D



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sinfully Delightful

Our precious and beloved MissMary of "Scrappy Luv" fame and fortune <winks>  created these 2 Quick Pages and 3 tags using Wicked Princess FTU Scrapkit "Sinfully Delightful".  This new kit, "Sinfully Delightful" is only available for FREE for a short time!! 1 week is all you have to grab this one before it goes to PTU.  Better hurry!!  And be sure you stop by Mary's blog for your Quick Pages pickup.  Enjoy!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sinfully Delightful

Our beloved and amazing Miss Kaci of "Kaci's Kits and Kadoodles" created this awesome Tag and the Tutorial for it as well as this gorgeous Cluster Frame.  She used Wicked Princess FTU (for 1 week then it goes PTU) Scrapkit "Sinfully Delightful".  Make sure you drop by Kaci's blog to create this adorable tag for yourself!  Enjoy!


The amazingly awesome Rissa of "Rissa's Designs" created this lovely Quick Page, Tag and Tutorial using Wicked Princess PTU Scrapkit "Timeless".  Make sure you stop by Rissa's blog to pick up that Quick Page and to do the tutorial for yourself.  You know want it!  Enjoy!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Muted Love

Our very lovely and wonderfully creative Ruby of "Stormlight Designs" created an awesome Snag Tag set using Wicked Princess formely PTU now FTU kit "Muted Love".  Make sure you stop by Ruby's blog and have a look around and pick up that Snag Tag Set. Here's a sample for you.

Wild Thing

Our very wonderful and oh so creative Trish of "Lady Dragus Art" created some very lovely timeline banners for a friend of her's using Wicked Princess FTU Scrapkit "Wild Thing" which was part of a Blog Train.  You can oogle those timeline banners but alas, they are not up for request.  Enjoy!


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